Structural Repair Design

This project involved evaluating the cause of movement and damage to the foundation of an addition built in the early 1900’s. Portions of the foundation wall were very deteriorated and were settling. I found that the foundation wall had been constructed over an old well and had not been properly filled.

31 west third-b (14)31 west third-original (3)

Because the foundation wall had not been properly constructed and was significantly deteriorated it was not practical to underpin the foundation wall. Since a significant amount of structural repair was also required to the wood floor framing of the addition I decided that the most cost effective alterations would involve removal of the stone foundation wall, installation of a new footing and a new block foundation wall.

31 west third (6)

To accomplish this it was necessary to install temporary footings, columns, and a beam to support the load-bearing exterior wall while the foundation and floor framing alterations were performed. The contractor installed manufactured stone over the block foundation wall to simulate the appearance of the stone foundation at the original portion of the house. The project was very successful.

 31 w third-c (3)

The house shown in the photographs below had a very large patio constructed of reinforced concrete with a basement below the patio. Over time water penetration caused significant deterioration to the steel beams and other components, which was causing cracking and movement at the patio. Building Consultants, Inc. designed alterations to minimize water penetration and to reinforce the supporting structure, which will minimize further damage and significantly extend the life of the patio.