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Portions of a garage slab had settled as much as 8 inches creating a large space below the garage doors. A family room and laundry room floor slab (located behind the garage) had also settled.

Left side-facing left-rear

The soil below the floor slabs had settled significantly due to improper compaction of the fill. Footings had also not been placed below a bearing wall or a column. The settlement caused a joint in a drain pipe to separate and also caused a break in the main sewer drain pipe.


Before the garage slab could be removed a new footing was installed to provide support for a new steel I-beam that was installed to support second floor and roof loads.



A new footing was also installed below a bearing wall located between the laundry room and family room. There was no footing below this wall. The new footing would provide support for a column that supports a new Glu-lam beam installed at the top of the wall. This allowed for removal of the wall while work was performed. Large footings were constructed to support the column loads. Concrete piers were constructed to minimize the potential for damage during construction. The footings needed to extend down to soil with suitable bearing capacity

The family room floor slab extended under the rear and right side exterior walls so it was cut off close to the walls. You can see that the slab dropped after it was cut because the soil below the slab had settled and was not supporting the slab.


Structural renovation projects require a contractor with the experience and equipment needed when working in confined spaces.


A large amount of uncompacted fill was removed from the area below the family room and laundry room.  A wood floor system was constructed above a crawl space at this area instead of placing compacted fill and a new floor slab. A new foundation wall was constructed at the rear of the garage and a slab was poured for the crawl space floor. 

The new wood floor system and partition wall framing is in place. The new Glulam beam and column is visible at the wall between the laundry room and family room.  The new crawl space below the family room, laundry room, and bathroom provides a more comfortable and warmer floor and created added storage space.

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