Forensic Engineering (Sample Project)

BCI works with insurance companies, product manufacturers, attorneys, or home/building owners to determine the cause of problems in buildings involving structural damage, water penetration, excessive moisture accumulation, construction problems, defective products, etc.

Structural Inspections

BCI performs inspections of potential problems for home and building owners, and for parties involved in real estate transactions. Some typical examples include evaluation of cracks, foundation settlement/movement, floors that have sagged or are not level, damaged roof or floor trusses, and wood destroying insect damage.

Structural Repair Design (Sample Project)

BCI designs repairs and can work with contractors for most structural problems that require the use of a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Structural Repair Contracting (Sample Project)

Building Consultants, Inc. is a licensed contractor in Pennsylvania (HIC Number: PA121650). Finding contractors to properly perform structural repairs can be difficult. Many contractors are not familiar with these types of repairs. Even when provided with detailed drawings contractors often do not understand the drawings or take the time to understand the follow the drawings. Some contractors also charge very high prices for this work because of their lack of experience, uncertainty about the work or risk, or because of the structural nature of the work.

In some cases it can be more cost effective or expedient to have the work performed by Building Consultants, Inc.In some cases there can be significant savings in engineering or design fees because it may not be necessary to prepare detailed drawings to show a contractor how to perform the work. In some cases the scope of work may not be well defined until some demolition is performed or because of other unknown condition. When Building Consultants, Inc. performs the work changes in design can be dealt with on the spot instead of requiring further review or additional site visits.

Some examples of typical structural repair projects performed by Building Consultants, Inc. are listed below.

Truss repairs (Sample Project)

Exterior wall repairs (Sample Project)

Structural Design (Sample Projects)

BCI works with clients who are building houses or additions. It is usually necessary to engage the services of a Licensed Professional Engineer or a Registered Architect to design and specify structural components. In many cases an Architect is not qualified to properly design and detail structural components.

Building Plans Review

BCI works with homeowners or contractors to assure that building plans meet typical building codes and structural requirements. Many municipalities require that plans be reviewed and sealed by a Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect.

Building Inspections  (Sample Report)

BCI offers complete or partial inspections of homes and buildings, including Site Conditions, Roofs, Exterior Components, Structural Components, Building Systems (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC), and Interior Components. Our inspections and reports are far more detailed than the industry standards.

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